brooklyn casket
Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp

Here’s the musical question: Why in the world do we need another site dedicated to Brooklyn?

Perhaps it’s a rhetorical question, but it ought to be answered.

While times may be more challenging than ever for the arts, the Brooklyn arts, music, and literary scene continue to thrive. And they must be recognized. The work is both grueling for the artist and invigorating for the community.

We must pay attention and support them.

Brooklyn Pulp is in a nascent state. Our coverage will develop. But the baseline of what we do is to support the independent spirit in our borough, even with real estate development and loss of arts space gone awry.

Heck, running an independent restaurant or store is grueling. We’re here for you.

I want to thank the array of people around Brooklyn who have already gotten behind us. We’ll support the community at all times. And we’ll challenge those who need to be challenged.

We’re not going to be pumping out articles here right now. Slow, thorough, and steady is the way we will begin.

Oh, and the site may look a bit bare bones for now. We’ll make it pretty soon enough — not to worry.

Come along for the journey.

Email me at for any and all.


Donny Levit
Editor, Brooklyn Pulp

One thought on “Welcome to Brooklyn Pulp

  1. Hi Donnie, another fellow “Brooklynite” here. Love the picture at the top, admittedly it’s what caused me to read further. Glad I did though and I’m looking forward to reading more even if you’re not pumping them out =).


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